Located at 135 East Erie Street in Kent, Ohio, Tree City Coffee & Pastry is the kind of cozy little coffee shop you’d hope to find in a college town like Kent.  The shop itself has a warm yet modern feel to it, and the employees both working the register and brewing the beverages have been consistently friendly and welcoming every time I’ve frequented this little shop.  Long Story short, the coffee is good.  It’s Nothing special, it won’t blow you away with its flavor, but it’s a solid cup of coffee that isn’t trying to throw you any curveballs.  It’s not overly nutty, bitter, or strong; it’s just coffee. The coffee is also quite reasonably priced at $1.95, $2.10, or $2.45 respectively for a 12, 16, 0r 20 ounce cup.

My single biggest disappointment with Tree City is their disposable cups.  While the design of attaching the heat guarding sleeve to the cup as an attatched outer layer is a very cool looking design the cup itself is flimsy and prone to constant dripping and spilling.  This is especially notable if one is just picking up a coffee with the intent of taking it on-the-go and not sitting down to drink it in-store.  Not a cup of coffee to drink if you’re wearing white.  A smaller issue I have with Tree City is their 9PM closing time. As a late-night homework-doing coffee-drinker it can be difficult to find a place to pick up that extra caffeine boost needed to not fall asleep writing a paper, but if it were profitable for them to be open later I suppose they would be. I can’t blame a local small business for operating at times that it makes the most sense for them to do so.

The store also advertises that its coffee is “direct-trade and organic”. Meaning that the coffee the store sells must meet a series of standards regarding ethics and sustainability before it is brewed and served.  Their claims are difficult to independently verify, but they can be reached for contact at info@rootedinkent.com.

On one last note, I’m usually partial to just straight black coffee, but they do also serve a really good red-eye (coffee with a shot of espresso in it) as well.

Coffee: 7/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

other factors (red-eye, cups, ethics, etc.): 7.5/10

Overall: 7.8/10


Good coffee –  Warm atmosphere – Don’t wear anything that will show coffee stains.


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