As medium roast coffees go this is a very mild roast.  The aroma this roast gives gives off while being brewed is very similar to the smell of a traditional cup of Starbucks Pike Place Roast (their flagship coffee), only a bit more subdued.  The typical Starbucks acidic bite is still there, but it is much less powerful than in other same-brand roasts and it becomes less noticeable after the first few sips.

The coffee itself is relatively flavorful and goes down very easily when warm.  It’s a good “cloudy afternoon and I just need to look awake for this presentation” coffee.  It’s caffeine kick is not the strongest you’ll ever taste.  This is the kind of coffee that I have made a small batch of in the late afternoon when I felt that caffeine itch but didn’t feel the desire to be up all night.  As morning coffees go, stay away unless you’re a “get up hours before work to have my two cups of coffee and read the paper” type of person.

Batches of this coffee have come out generally consistently with the exception of one thing: the dregs.  The last few sips can be either the same as the rest down to the last sip, or downright throw-out-the -last-3-ounces bad.  My only real theory on this is user error seeing  as it’s possible some of the grounds may have slipped through the filter. The French press I typically use to brew coffee recommends a coarser ground coffee than then fine grounds that come in this bag.

As price goes a 12 ounce bag will run you roughly $10.99 through, which is competitive with other Starbucks blends available on the website, but is still significantly more expensive per ounce than other brands (Maxwell House, Folgers, Kirkland, Dunkin’


Donuts, etc.).

From an ethics and sustainability standpoint, on the bag it is printed “Proud partners in ethical coffee since 1998” and “find out more at or“.  Starbucks has long been considered one of the most ethical brands in corporate coffee.  However for those seeking to explore alternative/dissenting view on Starbucks’ approach to “ethical coffee” I refer you to Slavoj Zizek’s rant on the capitalist gratification of consuming Starbucks coffee.

Flavor: 6/10

Strength: 6.5/10

Other factors (price, ethics, sustainability, etc.): 7.5/10

Overall: 6.7/10


Decent coffee – last few sips are sometimes terrible – price is moderate – Starbucks is SustainalicousTM – Nothing to write home about

All coffee brewed for this review was brewed using an Idylc Homes brand French press. Individual results may vary.


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