If Tree City Coffee is the sleek new small town coffee shop of tomorrow, then Scribbles Coffee co is the homey little coffee hideout of yesterday. Soft music, chalkboard menus, good heat, warm lighting, and the look of a place that could have been designed by your friend that always finds the cutest things on Pinterest. Feeling at times more like a café than a coffee shop, Scribbles is located a few blocks off main street and across the from a large rusted out building with a huge silo that may be the most “rust belt” looking thing in Kent. This tucked away feel doesn’t seem to have chased away customers, the shop has been filled with customers (Kent residents and college students alike) every time I’ve stopped by.
Their dark roast coffee or Guatemalan roast has a very nutty taste and not to much bite. As black coffee goes it almost tastes like a specialty beverage. It should be noted however that the texture of the coffee was decently thick, and it was relatively consistent to the last sip. It’s probably not going to become my go to cup of coffee any time soon, but it’s not bad enough to chase me away by any stretch. Especially given that the menu of specialty coffee drinks is one of the most impressively diverse I’ve seen. It could take months of burning cashier paychecks to try them all.IMG_6162

One specialty drink I have tried is their pumpkin “Jr. Bolt”. It’s 2 shots of espresso, pumpkin spice, nutmeg, whipped cream, and delicious. It runs a dollar more than a large coffee at $3.50. Across the menu Scribbles’ prices are competitive with other shops in the area, and 2.50 for a large coffee is a price so good it almost helps to make up for my less than stellar first impression of its taste.

They advertise that their coffee is organic and fair trade a great deal. While I haven’t been able to independently verify this, I imagine it would be a huge risk to advertise it as much as they do in their store if it were untrue. A risk I couldn’t see any small business reasonably taking.

Coffee: 6.3/10
Atmosphere: 8.8/10
Other factors (price, ethics, pumpkin bolt, etc.): 8/10
Overall: 7.7


Dark roast is meh – Pumpkin “Jr. Bolt” is awesome – Prices are good – Local shop – Good ethics – Great atmosphere


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